Rica Rica spice sauce

Rica Rica spice sauce

Intensely spicy spice sauce that is usually served with chicken or pork.


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Rica Rica is a specialty from the Indonesian city of Manado in northern Sulawesi. The mostly Christian population makes this spice sauce mostly with chicken or pork. Rica means "spicy" in the North Sulawesian language, which means Ayam rica rica means "chicken in hot sauce". So if you like intense, piquant dishes refined with a light citrus note, you will love (Ayam) Rica Rica. Don't forget to cook a large portion of jasmine rice, as it tastes delicious in combination with the intense sauce.

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Nutritional values

Ingredients: red chilli, shallot, water, rapeseed oil,
Galangal, lemon grass, chicken broth (Milk, egg),
Kemiri (nuts), Ginger tuber, turmeric root,
Salt, bay leaf, kefir lime leaf

Allergen notice. Allergens, including
cereals containing gluten are printed in bold.





700g chicken breast fillet or pork schnitzel
25g basil
250ml water


1. Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces
2. Die RINDU NUSANTARA RICA-RICA Gewürzsoße in 3EL heißem Rapsöl für eine Minute
3. Add the meat cubes and fry for a minute
4. Add the water and simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes
5. Add the basil leaves and cook for a minute
6. Arrange with jasmine rice on a flat plate


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