Mie Ayam spice sauce

Mie Ayam spice sauce


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Literally translated, Mie Ayam means "noodles with chicken". Mie Ayam can be found on every corner in Indonesia. Whether in small warungs, in restaurants or in one of the mobile stands on the roadside, you can't go wrong with Mie Ayam. The noodles are served with chopped chicken pieces in a hearty, slightly sweet spice sauce and cooked pak choi (Chinese kale).

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Ingredients: shallot, kecap manis (Wheat, soy),
Oyster sauce (Wheat, soy, molluscs),
Soy sauce (Wheat, soy), Galangal, ginger tuber,
Turmeric root, garlic, rapeseed oil (Rapeseed oil),
Kejap Asin (Wheat, soy), Chicken broth
(Milk, E.i), Kemiri (nuts).

Allergen notice. Allergens, including
cereals containing gluten are printed in bold.


200g chicken breast fillet
300g Mie noodles
2 pak choi (Chinese leaf cabbage)
150ml coconut milk


1. Cook the chicken breast in boiling water for 4 minutes
2. Take the chicken breast out of the water, cut into 1cm cubes and set aside
3. RINDU NUSANTARA MIE AYAM Gewürzsoße in einer Pfanne 1-2 Minuten anbraten
4. Add the coconut milk & cook for another minute
5. Add the chicken cubes, mix with the sauce & then open the hob
set a low level
6. Cut the pak choi into pieces approx. 2 cm in size
7. Cook the pak choi and the mie noodles in boiling water for 3-4 minutes
8. Take the noodles and pak choi out of the water & in portions in two small bowls
then pour the chicken sauce over it.


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