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Spice sauces & sambal


Simple. Really. Delicious. 


Fresh Asian cuisine prepared at home in just a few minutes. With our spicy sauces you get a finely flavored base for authentic Asian cuisine.

That's how it's done:

1. Prepare fresh ingredients according to the recipe

2. Add the Rindu Nusantara spice sauce

3. Serve with rice or pasta

4. Enjoy authentic Asian cuisine at home


As an Indonesian who has lived in Germany for a long time, I always miss the dishes of my homeland. 

In order to be able to share the special taste of the Far Eastern cuisine, I looked for a way to make the preparation of these dishes fresh, authentic and easy for everyone.

This is how our spice sauces were created, with which we have managed to combine the countless different and exotic spices in one glass each.

With our spicy sauces everyone manages to bring a piece of holiday feeling into their own dining room.

If you still miss the corresponding tropical heat, you should try our sambal variations - because what is hot here is also hot inside.








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